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    Insulated Sandwich Panel and Roofing Sheet Manufacturer in China

    The demand for environmentally friendly insulated building panels and roofing sheets have used in wide range of industries, here at Foshan Jinyuan and our reputation as a trusted structural insulated panel and sheet manufacturer, established in 2007, providing insulated sandwich panels and corrugated metal sheets with custom solution, good heat insulation and safe for use. If you are looking for metal insulated panel and roof sheets, together with complete wall system, please tell us your needs, like material and size specifications, our company will provide custom wall panel systems. Details

    Solution Examples

    Here are some insulated wall panel examples provided by Jinyuan company, as a reliable sandwich panel and coated steel sheet manufacturer, there are wide range of expanded polystyrene sandwich panels, mineral wool sandwich panels, rock wool and glass wool sandwich panels, etc. Custom solutions are available, please let us know you needs about panel and sheet sizes, our company can provide wide range of insulated wall panels and roofing sheets for steel structure buildings, cleanrooms, partition rooms, cold rooms, modular buildings and prefab houses.

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